Tangible ways to be more intentional and effective in Shrinking the Divide within our churches



  • Determine God’s perspective on the issue of ethnicity

  • Ascertain the views within your congregation on ethnic issues to enable you to respond Biblically to their different viewpoints

  • Commit to ‘stay at the table and in the fray’ of shrinking the existing ethnic/racial divide




  • Base message upon the Biblical perspective on the issue of ethnicity

  • Declare our common humanness and the truth that we are all a part of one race, the human race

  • Acknowledge that racism is, at its core, a spiritual issue

  • Emphasize loving across ethnic differences and lines

  • Inform your congregation of the clergy’s heart as to ethnicity issues

  • Admit that human will power and do-good-actions alone are insufficient to fully resolve our ethnicity prejudices and issues by offering a Christ-centered response

  • Plan to distribute to your church the cards with The Pledge and its 3 Commitments

  • Make godly ethnic relations and prayer a priority within your church




  • Clergy meeting with each other (lunch/coffee) across lines to get to know one

  • another toward building trust, especially clergy of a church is near your own church

  • Going out to eat and fellowship as clergy couples of different ethnicities

  • Pulpit swaps for pastors

  • Pastors meeting, reading and discussing books, e.g., “I Ain’t Coming Back” by Dolphus Weary or “Multi-ethnic Conversations’ by Mark DeYmaz and Oneya Fennell Okuwobi

  • Participate in the General Assemblies and Dialogue Groups of The Pledge Group

  • Make intentional and wise staffing decisions for your church



  • Bathe this endeavor in prayer

  • Ask key members of each church of different ethnicities to 'Get to Know One Another Gatherings' and then to work toward the wording of a Joint Statement for the congregations to follow and implement in the season ahead

  • Set up discussion groups within your church, especially leaders (of church and business) across ethnic lines

  • Establish meaningful Sister Church relationships across ethnic lines

  • Involve youth and future generations

  • Men's Groups holding joint gatherings

  • Women's Groups holding joint gatherings

  • Address common problems together, establishing ethnically mixed groups to ‘do ministry’ locally

  • Plan and take mission trips or undertake mission projects together with churches across ethnic lines

  • Joint choir or worship team event

  • Choir/worship team swaps among churches with or without clergy swaps

  • Hold a joint regular worship service at one of the churches; then alternate locales

  • Hold a joint service at Thanksgiving or Maundy Thursday or any particular time with other churches of different ethnicities and if meaningful, consider doing so annually

  • Neutral site worship service or fellowship 

  • Congregations of different ethnicities having supper out together and then attending a movie or cultural or athletic event together, possibly with coffee together afterwards to debrief reactions

  • Congregational progressive supper between churches of different ethnicities

  • Take steps in the community to reflect equality and create a ‘level playing field’

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